Post price drop sales of the PlayStation 3 in the United States appear to have giving the console "strong momentum" following a "strong surge" that should give the console a "very strong" October, according to GameStop VP Tony Bartel.

The vice president of merchandising and marketing tells IndustryGamers that GameStop has seen fit to use the adjective strong thrice in relation to the Triple's sales, a boost probably helped by the release of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves for the PlayStation 3.


Bartel has also handed out "strong" ratings to a few fall games that may or may not surprise you. He tells IGN that 2K Games' Borderlands is showing "strong legs" and is "a very strong title." Netting only one strong is Scribblenauts, "a strong game for the holidays" that will "transcend all boundaries." Presumably in a strong fashion.

That could be good news for 2K and Gearbox, as one friendly analyst theorized that Borderlands was "sent to die" this fall, despite Kotaku editor theories that heavy marketing and positive word of mouth could help make it a success. Following news of the game's scarcity at launch and Scribblenauts solid first month showing, that may not come as a surprise.

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