Illustration for article titled GameStop Out Of Its Ducking Mind With New Wii Bundles

Something is clearly amiss, to put it lightly, at GameStop corporate, as evidenced by the game retailers latest Wii promotional bundles. One comes with a squirt gun, the other with a rubber ducky. You know, for... bathing, maybe?

Whether GameStop has simply found itself with a few thousand squirt guns and plastic ducks unexpectedly, or its simply trying to score a post on Kotaku pointing out how batshit insane this is, these two bundles are of questionable purpose. Value, yes, as you're essentially getting a rubber ducky for free. But the Nintendo Wii Summer Fun Bundle and the far more suggestive Nintendo Wii Take a Bath with a Buddy Bundle are curious in their need to exist.


Oh, and there's another Wii bundle with a pirate tattoo sleeve. What.

Remember, there is a strict limit of two per household!

Nintendo Wii Systems [GameStop - thanks, Grant!]

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