Gamestop Offering Demo With Killzone 2 Reserves

Illustration for article titled Gamestop Offering Demo With Killzone 2 Reserves

For those of you looking to get some early hands-on time with Killzone 2, Gamestop will be offering exclusive access to the demo if you reserve the game.


In-store customers will be given a card with a code to enter on Playstation Network for access to download the demo. Online customers will be e-mailed the code starting on February 3rd.

I'm not how this solves the problem for the fans wanting to try before they buy. Remember when demos used to be free?

(Gamstop via Joystiq)


Bearded Bastard

it still is free, you put 5 bucks down, and that counts towards the actual games price, if you dont like it, or what its turning out to be, cancel your preorder and get your 5 bucks back