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GameStop Keen To Return Your Unused Reserve Credits

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

GameStop is calling all of their customers with unused reserved game credits, offering them a chance to redeem them for gift certificates towards fine GameStop merchandise.

I first heard about the push to give customers back their unused $5 deposits a few weeks back, when a GameStop manager mentioned that calls would be going out urging customers to head into their local store and get back their money. The manager in question was none too happy, as a reserve cancelled is one less reserve registered for the day, and reserves are a key statistic used to track a GameStop store's success.


Now Kotakuite and former GameStop employee (aren't we all?) TheMadjai drops us a line to inform us that GameStop's automated service is calling customers, urging them to visit a website where they can enter in their phone number and last name in order to receive their money back in printable gift certificate form. You'll have to wait for the call, however, or else your unused reserves won't be on file.

I spoke to a GameStop manager about the phone calls, who verified that they are indeed going out. As for the day customers were called en masse to come cancel their unused reserves, the manager confirmed that quite a few people showed up, though a request for specifics was greeted with a heavy sigh and a "no comment."