GameStop Have A Week's Supply Of Wiis

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In the market for a Wii? Your days of breathless disappointment may soon be at an end, with GameStop revealing that they have "a week's supply of Wiis". In an interview with GameSpot, GameStop executive vice president of merchandising and marketing Tony Bartel reveals:

We actually have slightly over a week's supply of Wiis, which is great. We haven't been there ever since the launch, and so we're excited about being there.

Not a day's supply. Not three day's supply. A week's supply. With all that stock, if you can't find one this Christmas, you're not doing it right. Q&A: GameStop illuminates Black Friday strategy [GameSpot][Image]

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i detest gamespot... and pretty much vowed not to give them my business.

but i saw some a Wii on their website that wasn't bundled with any BS... so i caved in and bought it.

i only really want a Wii for the VERY DISTANT hope that Tatsunoko vs. Capcom is localized for North America. if not... i've already looked into stuff to play out of region games. (dammit nintendo... follow suite already ;p )

but believe me gamestop...

you won't be getting anymore of my business.............

alright... guess i can't say that for sure. x]