GameStop Has A New Digital Media Man

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Game retailer GameStop is clearly taking the threat of digital distribution seriously, creating a new position within the company—General Manager, Digital Media—and putting Chris Petrovic to work on generally managing all that stuff.

Specifically, Petrovic will "building on the company's ongoing efforts to integrate digital media into the company's multi-channel strategy, as well as overseeing the development and execution of a digital acquisition strategy." In regular English, that likely means finding ways to sell digital goods to GameStop shoppers, the kind of thing that takes up minimal shelf space at a strip mall location. It's also the kind of thing that threatens the core of GameStop's business, selling you used games.

While Petrovic is probably whipping up a scheme to digitize yellow paper stickers to apply to used downloads, he'll also help GameStop in "identifying and effectively participating in emerging trends in casual, browser and mobile gaming."


With Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, WiiWare, DSiWare, Steam, Direct2Drive, et al. snapping up some of the dollars GameStop would rather have, the addition of Mr. General Manager, Digital Media looks like a response to all that.

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Let me take a wild, wild guess and say that GameStop will be launching its OWN "platform" for the selling and running of the video games they sell. Y'know, because having, Gamespy Arcade, Games for Windows Live AND Steam isn't enough. We sure want yet another company to get on the boat for a quick cash grab on this digital sales extravaganza!

Like I keep saying, everyone should just swallow their pride and all go to the superior platform (Steam) to save the consumer patience and brain cells. All these half-assed PC gaming platforms remind me of pre-1983-Video-Game-Market-Crash consoles. I do believe there were something like 20 consoles out on the market, and apart from 1 or 2 they were complete pieces of junk.