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GameStop Gives Better Rewards To Used-Game Purchasers

Illustration for article titled GameStop Gives Better Rewards To Used-Game Purchasers

Twenty points per dollar if you buy a game used; 10 if you buy it new. Part of the promotional flyer from GameStop advertising the gaming chain's new rewards system. Points net you Nintendo Wallets, iTunes cards, Call of Duty dog tags and more.


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The frustrating this for me is that I have about 4 games I'm done with. Just ready to get rid of. I buy mostly buy on either Amazon or go to Gamestop. I don't want to trade them in at Gamestop though because they give you jack in trade-in money, even if you choose store credit. So I want to sell it somewhere else, but that takes a lot longer.

I just want to sell a game to someone for less than the Used Price at GS so that way

1. Who I sell it to gets it for a better deal

2. I get more money than GS would give me.

Screw these points. The chances from getting anything from that are probably slim to none.