Click to view You want videos from the GameStop Expo 2008 in Las Vegas? Oh we've got videos. We've got a metric ass-ton of videos thanks to Kotaku reader Neoguyver, who happened to be in the right place at the right time with the right camera. Highlights include the exclusive Gears 2 footage seen here, complete with a sincere message from Dude Huge, who couldn't make it due to being busy making us a new video game, a brief snippet of Peter Moore introducing Fight Night Round 4, Ozzy Freaking Ozborne shilling Guitar Hero World Tour and tons of GameStop managers from all over the country cheering as they are filled with the information to secure pre-sales and therefor their precious, precious jobs. Make some GameStop noise! Fight Night4 GSMC intro
Click to view Fight Night4
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Click to view Red Faction
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Click to view Left 4 Dead
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Click to view This post is dedicated to all the assistant managers and "keyholders" out there who sat on their ass while their bosses got free stuff with Ozzy Osborne.