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Used games sales are the lifeblood of GameStop's revenue, so previously owned titles aren't going anywhere. But according to new internal communications, the push to put a used game in the hands of someone seeking a new game may soften.


According to a GameStop manager who forwarded us details of that internal e-mail, the company is altering one of its more aggressive sales tactics, one which prompts employees to offer a used version of a new title brought to the sales desk. The GameStop Point of Sale system is said to no longer prompt employees to push that used copy for 60 days after the game's initial release.


That change was described as part of an agreement to "improve vendor relations."

Publishers, developers and press have gone on record saying that they're not a big fan of used game sales, and while the change doesn't stop an employee from selling a used copy of a game before the two month mark, it might at least help perception.

We've contacted GameStop corporate to learn more about the supposed change.

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