After a two-year stint as chief executive officer of GameStop, Dan DeMatteo slides over into the executive chairman position, with new CEO J. Paul Raines stepping in to guide the company to new heights of marketplace dominance.

GameStop has big plans. They've got a new rewards program to roll out, downloadable content to market, and a website that needs tweaking before it can become the robust digital platform the company wants it to be. All of these new concepts call for a new leadership structure, and that's just what the company is getting.

Dan DeMatteo, who took over the CEO position in 2008 from fellow GameStop co-founder Dick Fontaine, is taking on the role of executive chairman, where he'll be handling the growth of retail stores as well as overseeing the company's digital initiative.

J. Paul Raines, GameStop's chief operating officer since 2008, is promoted to CEO, working closely with DeMatteo on developing the company's long-term strategy, as well as making sure management team goals are met.


Other promotions include Tony D. Bartel to company president, a position that hasn't existed since former president Steve Morgan resigned in 2008. Bartel, formerly the company's executive vice president of merchandising and marketing, will be in charge of the company's digital initiative.

"I am pleased to congratulate the team along with our board on the execution of this succession plan that has been two years in the making," indicated Dan DeMatteo. "Paul, Tony, Rob and Mike are filling key positions that will allow GameStop to continue its growth both here and internationally. This includes expansion into new markets and continued focus on strategic initiatives such as our new loyalty program, downloadable content (DLC) marketing and sales, and the evolution of into a robust digital platform."