GameStop Clerk Shot During Robbery

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An employee at the GameStop store in Orange County, Florida, was shot earlier today during an armed robbery.

Shortly after opening this morning an armed man entered the store, held the employee and a customer at gunpoint while waiting for a security timer on the store's safe to expire, stole a Wii and several games then shot the clerk in the leg as he made his escape.

Thankfully the employee - who was fully cooperative during the ordeal and did not in any way resist - was not seriously hurt.

Clerk Shot During Game Stop Robbery [WFTV]

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Carlos Shabo

this may shake up our company rules(i work for GS) and i hope this guy sues the hell out of our company because they are a bunch of cheap asses and only let one person open the store. they dont want to pay people!!!! our company is one of the only profitable company in this "recession" and they treat us like crap, sure we only sell games, but guess what gamestop! its not safe to have one person open the store even if you own a teddy bear factory!!!!!!