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GameStop Cancels All Midnight Openings For Assassin's Creed III In The Northeast

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you live anywhere in the path of Hurricane Sandy, don't go to GameStop for Assassin's Creed III tonight. The gaming retailer has cancelled all midnight launches for the new action-adventure game.

I pinged GameStop this afternoon to ask for their plans in the wake of the vicious storm that is currently approaching New York City (and making my lights flicker!). Here's what they told me:

Our top priority is the safety of our employees and customers. In compliance with directives issued by state and local authorities, stores in the path of the storm will remain closed until it is safe to re-open and midnight openings for Assassin's Creed III have been cancelled in the northeast. Customers should check with their local stores for details on when we will re-open.


Yesterday afternoon, GameStop was texting customers that the game would be available at midnight tonight, so if you live in the northeast and you got that text, ignore it! Oh, and charge up all your portables in case the power goes out. So you don't have to stop playing games and do something boring, like talk to people.