GameStop Begins Buying and Selling Used Skylanders Toys

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GameStop might not accept your band game instruments as trade anymore, but the company does have its eye on another sort of colorful plastic toys. Gaming website Pixelitis recently received information about a Skylanders trade-in program being tested at several U.S. GameStop locations.


Having spent the months following Christmas 2011 fielding calls from desperate children and parents hunting for scarce figures from Activision's smash-hit toy-meets-video game title, it looks like GameStop is ready to get in on the action.

Pixelitis' post had previously featured a page of pricing information for the new program, indicating modest trade-in values and prices for the more common figures, with Legendary and other harder-to-find Skylanders running upwards of $20. The price sheet has since been removed from the website, but the scan sheets for the individual figures remain.

While all of the GameStop stores in the Atlanta area knew nothing of this program, a call to the Tom's River, New Jersey store confirmed that at least that one location was indeed taking the toys in trade.

Great. Now Activision is going to have to start including online passes in toy packages. Yay.

Gamestop silently rolls out Skylander trade-in program [Pixelitis]



Does Activision even use online passes?

I doubt they'd do an online pass thing. (If they don't already)