Generally, we would suspect that any unfavorable review of one's video game creation would be quite the bum out. In the case of IO Interactive's Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, however, team members say that GameSpot's damning review of the Eidos published crime epic knocked the wind out of them and that being caught up in the "conspiracy theory" brouhaha that surrounded the review was "surreal." Jens Peter Kurup, Director of Kane & Lynch at IO, tells GamesRadar that "there was something in the tone of that review that was tough on people, and on me."Calling the GameSpot thrashing of Kane & Lynch — a nasty 6.0, when many reviews range from 7.0 to 10 — "a review that I would like to forget," Kurup is surprisingly honest in his feelings about the judgment. Kurup says that single review has molded the opinions of gamers everywhere, even ones who haven't played the game. "In glimpses I still feel it, because when I meet somebody who hasn't played the game, I can be fairly sure that his or her opinion is based on the GameSpot review," Kurup said. "It just won't go away." It doesn't sound like we've heard the last of the unlikable Kane and Lynch, according to Kurup's assessment of the franchise's future. When you sell a million copies, you're almost guaranteed another go — even if Jeff Gerstmann doesn't like your game that much. Kane & Lynch: How it feels to be critically panned [GamesRadar]