There are so many games and just never enough time. Sometimes I’ll put a game on ice so I can return to it later, especially if it doesn’t click for me at first. But a certain kind of guilt can bubble up inside me if the urge to pick a certain game back up doesn’t kick in.


Not liking a game can be a result of bad timing, a game not meeting my expectations, or worst of all, maybe it’s just not for me! I don’t think these games are necessarily bad, but I also want to enjoy my time with a game instead of forcing myself through it. If there’s any silver lining, I keep the hope alive that maybe one day I’ll return to a game to fully appreciate it.

I sat down with Riley, our resident Witcher 3 lover, to risk ruining our professional relationship by telling him that the opening moments of The Witcher 3 just didn’t do it for me. It was also a low-key cry for help being convinced to revisit it one day.


Confession time, y’all. What games do you feel bad about not getting into? Let us know down below.

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