To: Crecente
From: Luke
RE: Dad Buys PS3, MGS4


His first PS3 game is Metal Gear Solid 4? Yeah. Good luck with that.

So I finished GTA IV today! Was really, really disappointed with it. "It" being the last 1/3 of the game, in particular the last mission. Whole thing just kinda petered out, fell flat, couldn't find anything else interesting to do or say with the characters, missions or the story.


It's something I'm noticing more and more often in games - they wow you in the opening act, but by the end have run out of steam (see BioShock for reference), and you wind things up on a downer, thinking less of the game at the conclusion than you did at the beginning.

So developers! If you can, try not to blow your whole load on the first 1/3 of a game. Some of us like to actually finish a game, and like to finish it on a high (see Call of Duty 4 for reference)!

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