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It's hard to tell whether these quotes - from a recent interview Shane Kim had with - are genuinely new, or just pulled from a stock template Microsoft's had ready since 2002. Because when asked about how Microsoft are doing in Japan, their thoughts, etc etc, he says "We've been very realistic about our near-to-mid term opportunities in Japan, specifically with respect to the current console generation. Obviously it's a challenging market with well entrenched competitors". He goes on to say how great it is to see Japanese developers making 360 games, how he hopes their fortunes there will "turn around", and "I think that's a longer-term effort, to be frank". You know what I love? Not whether he's right or wrong, but the sheer perseverance Microsoft are displaying. We could be seeing the same quotes in 2012. Actually, we probably will.

Shane Kim: Japan is a "longer-term effort" []


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