Earlier this year, I found a bunch of my old school books from when I was 5-8 years old. Full of Robotech sketches and prayers to God that I would be able to play Ghostbusters at recess.

I am an idiot, however, and before putting them back in a box at my parent’s house, I didn’t take any pictures of them. Ario Barzan, though, is way smarter than I am, and has done just that, scanning a bunch of childhood sketches depicting the adventures of Starfox, Sonic and one lovestruck Goomba.


Seeing somebody else’s drawings is awesome, because it makes me realise maybe I wasn’t that weird spending entire days designing levels for video games that didn’t exist. You know what I mean? Cut-away drawings of an entire 2D level, complete with poorly-written “notes”...oh, if only I could drag them out, and have them made! There’d be entire games consisting of nothing but spikes. Fire, and spikes.

sifting through bits of one’s youth [selectbutton]

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