Games For Windows On Demand Goes Live

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Microsoft's catalog of Games For Windows titles have become that much more "on demand" as of today, with Games On Demand launching for interested PC gamers precisely on schedule. So, what's available?


As of right now, Games For Windows devotees can—after having downloaded the latest GFW software update—enjoy Fallout 3, Dirt 2, Resident Evil 5, Street Fighter IV, Battlestations: Pacific, Fuel, Viva Pinata, Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, Shadowrun, Section 8, Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights, Red Faction: Guerrilla, and the free download Tinker, all through the newly launched service.


And if you act now(!) Viva Pinata and Shadowrun can be yours for half off. Yes, the season's hottest games, for a steal.

Games On Demand [Games For Windows - thanks SuperTongue and TheWax!]

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Whoa, I can get Resident Evil 5 for only $50? What a deal! I just bought it, new, for $12 at Target today, but I'd much rather buy a DRM'ed-out-the-ass copy online!

Sarcasm aside, this is the main problem with digital distribution: 99% of the time, I can get it cheaper in a brick-and-mortar store than online. Steam is the exception; it tends to be either the same price or cheaper most of the time. Sony and Microsoft need to get their act together if they seriously want to push digital distribution as a replacement for retail.