Games Even Babies Can Play

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How young is too young to play internet computer games? If they can move their limbs, they can play with Kneebouncers.


Kneebouncers is the brainchild of Jim Robinson, the father of three non-brain children who was frustrated that his slightly older children could play on the computer while his young daughter could not. His solution? Kneebouncers, a collection of web-based video game activities that only require that the baby or toddler playing be able to hit the keyboard.

Most of the activities are simple flash animations with colorful characters that animate when a button is pressed, almost like turning the page in a storybook. They are primitive, and barely even games as we define them, but it's less dangerous than crawling about on the floor eating plastic and licking electrical outlets, so I approve.


Bring your drooling offspring to to play. It's free, though a percentage of donations and proceeds from the sale of shirts and plushies goes to the Children's Aid Society.

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This could actually be good for my girlfriend! She has trouble with the 360...I am only half-kidding.

However, I have to say, as much as I love videogames, and did as a youth, I think it is dangerous and almost irresponsible to push these things to babies.

Recent studies have shown that even the "education" Baby Einstein videos are bad for infants' development.

TV has become the babysitter when the parents come home. There is no substitute for a baby's/child's interaction with real-world object, real-person interactions, etc.

We are gonna raise a bunch of ADD vid-iots if we keep this up. I for one, will not allow my child to play videogames/watch TV until he/she is at least 10. I will then restrict it until he/she is out of my house.