Graph Search debuted recently—it's Facebook's social search—and some of us have had the chance to try the beta out. Taking a cue from the Actual Facebook Searches Tumblr, here are a few fun searches I conducted about people who 'like' video games on Facebook.

Click for full size. And, for the record: the sidebar will say "more than 1000 people" even if the results are in the millions.


First off: even though it's a stereotype, there are thousands of people who do in fact like Mountain Dew, Cheetos and video games.

Another stereotype: gamers who like fedoras. Turns out, there are also thousands of them despite the controversy surrounding geekdom and fedoras.


I tried searching for people who like video games and consider themselves 'nice guys' but was unable to hit upon a good group name.

Plenty of people like both the NRA and video games.


They also like the Cabelas games. For reference, they're this type of disturbing.


What about violence and video games? Thousands of people like both those things, too. Actually, a whopping 2,708 people list "video games" and "murdering" as interests. Which makes you wonder how many of these likes—fedoras, cheetos, etc—are actually ironic?

God, let's hope the murder ones are ironic, at least.

Interestingly, those that like violence and video games are more likely to enjoy Dr. Pepper rather than Mountain Dew.


And, finally? It appears that Facebook could be used as a dating tool. See, for instance, my search of single people who like video games who live in San Francisco (where I live.)


Except, you probably shouldn't try to find that special someone this way. It would be creepy.

So, how many of you are about to go in and tweak your privacy settings now?

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