Gamer Gets Pumped to Pump Iron. His Motivation: EVE Online.

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Video games are not widely known as a motivation for hitting the gym. Especially not online games, which are better known for metaphorically chaining their players to their desks. One EVE Online player, though, decided that instead of hiding behind a fitter avatar, he'd become that avatar.


As CNN reports, EVE Online player Marcus Dickinson didn't like the mismatch he felt when he went to Iceland for the game's fan festival in 2009. His character, Roc Wieler, is a fit, former military man. At the time, Dickinson was not.

What to do? Changes to diet and exercise, and lots of both. Dickinson said he realizes it might sound not entirely reasonable to base one's looks on a fictional character, but explained, ""Superman, Vin Diesel — we want to be them so badly. The difference is you'll never be Superman. You're setting yourself up to fail. The reason Roc worked was that he was a fantasy hero of my creation, so I was already part way there. I just had to get the physical."


Good thing Dickinson's an Eve Online fan and not into something like Gears of War.

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(Top photo: CNN)

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