Gameloft Deploying Modern Combat: Sandstorm To iPhone

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Until such time as publishers like Activision, Rockstar Games and EA Sports bring their top tier games to the iPhone platform, publisher Gameloft will be there to offer something that sounds very similar, like first-person shooter Modern Combat: Sandstorm.


The Middle East shooter could easily be mistaken for a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare down port or at the very least a collaboration between Activision and Darude. But it looks feature rich enough to get the job done until such time as Infinity Ward or Treyarch move beyond iPhone apps for their games and start making actual iPhone games.

Early reviews on the iTunes Store look to be positive for a $6.99 game. I'm sure Crecente's dropping the cash on it any second now as he can't resist this sort of thing, so don't be surprised if it shows up in a Day Note.


Modern Combat: Sandstorm [iTunes Store]

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Being an iPhone owner and gamer I can say that Gameloft does some seriosuly good work on the iPhone. I have several of their titles and they are usually way ahead of what anyone else is offering on the iPhone...and they are good games.