Game & Wario is a new mini-game collection and spin-off of the WarioWare series for the Wii U. And of the minigames in the collection, many come with a short introduction cutscene starring Wario and/or the other characters from the WarioWare series.

While they are often irrelevant to the actual gameplay of the attached minigame—other than introducing the mini-game's characters and setting—they are so cute and clever that they quickly become one of the game's highlights.

Whether it is a taxi-driving dog fighting the aliens abducting his customers or the afro-sporting skier showing off his newest moves on the slopes, these cutscenes are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

To see my personal favorite about a mad scientist who falls into the toilet and gets stuck, check out the video above.


Game & Wario was released on March 28, 2013, on the Wii U in Japan. The Western release date is listed as “launch window” on Nintendo’s official website.

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