Game Studio Sues Another Over The Word "Rebellion"

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Stardock is now fighting a legal war on two fronts. Only a day after news of its case against a former employee emerged, the publisher is now being taken to court by Rebellion, the developers of games like Sniper Elite and the original (and awesome) Alien vs Predator.


The issue? Stardock is the publisher of Ironclad's recent Sins of a Solar Empire expansion, Rebellion. Which Rebellion the developer feels will cause confusion and threaten sales, not to mention leading consumers to believe the two companies are related.

Rebellion says it sent Stardock a cease-and-desist in April, which the publisher seemingly ignored.

What a curious case. Rebellion has been around since the mid-90s, during which time games as diverse as NIS' Last Rebellion, Mass Effect 3's Rebellion DLC and Lucasarts' Star Wars: Rebellion were released. I don't remember any lawsuits being filed against them.

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I sent them a note.. I'm hoping it gets them to wise up.

I wanted to express my displeasure about Rebellion choosing to initiate a lawsuit against Stardock for their game "Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion". I understand the need to protect one's trademarks and property, but considering that "Sins of a Solar Empire" is a known franchise that's had a number of expansions such as Entrenchment and Diplomacy, it seems to be a little less than understandable for Rebellion to take this step.

This seems similar to the lawsuits regarding the trademark "Edge". Rebellion is the name for the studio, not titles. Someone looking at a title for a game called Rebellion would not think that Rebellion (the studio) would be releasing a game titled as themselves.

There are a lot of games out there that use the "Rebellion" subtitle, and it seems strange that SoaSE is the target. Is it because the series is popular? Is it because there's been genuine confusion over Sniper Elite versus SoaSE: Rebellion?

Rebellion (the studio) has developed a lot of cult favoritism from me over the years with things like Rainbow Six, Judge Dredd: Dredd Vs. Death, Alien vs. Predator, with the excellent decision to republish games like Republic: The Revolution, Ground Control, and Evil Genius.

Don't squander this good will guys. I don't want to mention these games and think of Rebellion's behavior with regards to lawsuits that just aren't seemingly legitimate. There's more to this than just money after all, your customer's opinions are important too. Rebellion needs to play nice, and this isn't nice.