Right now, gamers play video games on the Xbox 360, the PS3 and the Nintendo Wii. One day, we will have new consoles. Won't that be great? Um, no, not according to one of gaming's biggest studios.

"It would be horrible," says THQ's Danny Bilson. "It still costs us a fortune to make games on this platform. If they're going to up the scale, up the art, up the content, I don't know how to make that and sell it to anybody for under $100 a game."


Well, depending on where you live, some gamers already pay a hundred bucks a game...

Traditionally, game companies like Sony or Nintendo release a new home console every five or six years. Are those days gone? With both companies expected to face off with new handheld consoles, maybe not.

"We're not going to get beat by another hardware upgrade like every five years like it was before," says Bilson. "It's up to us to compete in graphics and creativity. Sometimes I hope good creativity and style will be able to be more important. It is more important."

It sure is important. Who wants to pay more for video games?

THQ: New consoles would be "horrible" News - Page 1 | Eurogamer.net [Eurogamer] [Pic]

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