Game Of Thrones' Sweetest Character (Probably) Won't Be Back

In a show full of treachery and bloodshed (not to mention incest and rape), one surviving character stood as a paragon of virtue. And he stood on all fours.

Ser Pounce, Tommen's super-fluffy cat and star of season 4's slow episode (hey, each season needs one), will apparently not be returning for any of this year's remaining six episodes. Nor does it sound like he'll be back at all next season, even though he features in later books.

That's a damn shame. He is/was a shining light in the darkness, serving as not just a companion to a boy going through a lot, but as a just and loyal, Royal Cock-Blocker as well.


Now all that's left is to imagine fanfiction where he escapes to Pentos to become a SellCat, or make like MTV and go into full-blown (if also therapeutic) denial mode.

Ser Pounce off 'Game of Thrones' (for now) [EW]

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Shardik The Man Bear

GOOD. If he doesn't show up in the show again, he can't be horribly murdered. I don't have to fear for a cat. Now I just have to fear for the rest.