Game Of Thrones Season 4 Starts In April

Illustration for article titled emGame Of Thrones/em Season 4 Starts In April

Those thinking the next season of Game of Thrones would be starting around March have a bit longer to wait; HBO just announced that the fourth series will be kicking off on Sunday April 6 at 9pm.


Things will be picking up after Robb Stark's wedding. For those who aren't up to speed with either the books or the show, it'll be nice seeing what the happy bride and groom get up to on their honeymoon.

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Can I just say how disappointing it is in modern RPGs and especially MMOs how I can't ever make a character that's aged?

There's no Davos options. No Ser Barristans, no Tywins, no Stannis...just an endless sea of Rob Starks and Jon Snows.

The BEST you can hope for is a character that maybe has a few crows feet by the eyes and you coloring the hair white/grey. Other than that most MMOs don't ever let you play a grizzled 50+ year old badass that can "cut through the lot of you like carving a cake."