Game of Thrones isn't Much Better Than the Most Hated Role-Playing Game of All Time

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In today's dark fantasy edition of Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter Dracosummoner compares the Game of Thrones television series to the worst tabletop role-playing game ever published. Yikes.


I think I'm losing interest in Game of Thrones. Dawn of War: Dark Crusade has better motivations for why its factions are so obsessed with conquering, and in retrospect the series isn't much more mature in how it treats women than the infamous tabletop game FATAL is. (I was already bothered by how pretty much every adult woman I've seen in the novels is either a "whore" or some kind of manipulator, but when I realized that this really wasn't that much better than what I've seen of one of the most condemned tabletop RPGs to ever exist, I think that really did it for me right there.)

The writing style seems to alternate between being somewhat interesting and being incredibly self-indulgent—just how many more pointless characters is this series going to have, just to nail down the point that life in this series goes on outside of the main "plot?" And even that basically seems like a slice-of-life approach to a generic conquest story with no goals outside of this detailed for ... pretty much anyone, except for perhaps Arya, who wanted to become a Water Dancer or whatever.

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But, everyone's a terrible person in Game of Thrones! And there's some women that aren't that terrible in it. There's that wildling who's name starts with a "Y" that told Jon Snow what he knows (Nothing, of course), Arya, Daeny, um, and uh, others, I guess...