Game of the Year Editions Are So Silly

You've probably noticed this by now, but every year, nearly everything gets repackaged in a Game of The Year Edition. And when everything is apparently a Game of The Year, does that label even mean anything anymore?

Here's a funny take on the subject by videogamedunkey, which looks at some games that got a Game of The Year edition without actually being up to snuff for the label—at least, when compared to other games released that same year. On that note, 2001 and 2007 were great years for video games.


Obviously, we need a better term that encompasses what 'Game of The Year' has actually come to mean—repackaged games that include all pieces of DLC, as well as some updates/tweaks. 'Ultimate' edition is kind of better/less misleading, no?

Game of the Year [videogamedunkey]

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