Game Freak's Latest Non-Pokémon Joint Is This Odd Early Access Puzzle Platformer

Released yesterday via Steam’s Early Access program, Giga Wrecker is a messy little puzzle platforming game with messy dialogue, questionable physics and some strange design decisions. Other than all that, it shows promise.


Every once in a while the folks at Game Freak, known primarily for those pocket monsters, likes to flex its creative muscle and do something a little different. Like last year’s Tembo: The Badass Elephant, Giga Wrecker is a 2D platforming game that mixes puzzle-based exploration with combat. The player controls a cybernetic girl with the ability to gather up nanobot-infused wreckage and use it as a wrecking ball. It never hit so hard in love.

I know those feels.
I know those feels.

In its current state, Giga Wrecker is a bit of a mess. The dialogue stilted and unpolished. Jumping completely ignores momentum, making it feel like a separate type of movement than a natural extension.

It needs some tweaking and a lot of polish, but that’s what Early Access is for. Game Freak wants fans to get involved with the process, making suggestions for improvements and fixes as development continues. It’s the start of something interesting. Hopefully it turns into something amazing.



I don’t mean to be needlessly harsh about Game Freak because they are awesome, but I feel like they can put together a Pokemon game much faster and tighter than they can put together anything else. By Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire the individual elements were so well defined that they’ve barely changed since. This must be more of a challenge for them, and I respect that. But I kinda doubt it will be as tightly designed as Pokemon.

On the other hand, Japanese indie games are among the most interesting indie games at the moment, so my curiosity is piqued. The documentary Branching Paths (available on steam or Playism) is a fantastic look at the Japanese indie scene.