Contestant on TV's America's Next Top Model, Asperger's sufferer and rock climber Heather Kuzmich didn't go from modeling to game design, but, as she puts it, from game design to modeling.

Kuzmich is currently enrolled at the Illinois Institute of Art, majoring in Video Game-Art design. "At first I wanted to get into costume design," she says, "but that soon changed to game design, especially since I frigging love games and love doing weird designs for characters."

How much does she love video games? She says that because of her "no video games whatsoever" is now included on the laundry list of things not allowed in the America's Next Top Model house. She adds, "They now know that there are no makeup lines named Nintendo DS."

People of Envy: Heather Kuzmich [Rahul Sood via GameCulture via Joystiq] [Pic]