Here’s what happens when you stop pre-ordering games, I guess.

According to Hachima, Marvelous has delayed its PS Vita game Uppers due to a lack of pre-orders. On the official Uppers dev blog, game creator Kenichiro Takaki stated this about the delay: “The number one reason is that the number of pre-orders didn’t stretch as far as we thought.”

“We decide the initial number of copies for the marketplace on the number of pre-orders,” explained Takaki. That doesn’t mean he’s given up on Uppers and he went on to explain how he was inspired to create this original game, which is basically beat’em up action meets fawning schoolgirls and underpants.

“If the demo is fun, I’m happy to receive those words,” Takaki added on the official site. “If you don’t dig it, throw those comments my way. But, I thank you for your interest.”


“Again, I’d truly like to apologize to those who pre-ordered and were looking forward to this game.”

The official announcement moved the game’s release from April 21, 2016 to TBA.

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