Game Console Destruction Led to Insane Car Chase

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"A man destroyed a game console and escaped by car," the caller told cops. What started as a routine police call turned into much more, with the suspect evading thirty patrol cars. All over a broken game machine!

Thirty-five year old Yoshihiro Kubota, who works as a car salesman, apparently took off after smashing a game machine. The Yomiuri Shimbun, however, did not specify what type of game console, nor did it say whose console it was. However, the paper noted that the call to police was from a hotel in Yoshioka, Gunma Prefecture.

A bulletin was sent out to the prefectural police. Officers on patrol spotted the vehicle at a shop in Shinto Village, also in rural Gunma. They decided to question Kubota, who sped away, hitting the squad car.


Around thirty Gunma Prefecture police cars were mobilized, and they took to the street. For roughly one hour, Kubota evaded capture, whizzed by cops, and ran red lights.

The chase finally ended when Kubota plowed into another vehicle, waiting at a traffic light. He was arrested on the spot.

No one was seriously hurt during the hour-long car chase, save for one broken console.

車1台逃走、パトカー30台で追跡 [Yomiuri]

(Top photo: ルパン三世 | モンキー・パンチ)

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So, wait, who's console did he smash? Was it at another persons' house, or was it in a store? I guess the Why is perhaps not answerable, but those other pieces would definitely help.