Game Breaking Bug Discovered in Diablo III

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Players are reporting a game breaking bug in newly released Diablo III. The bug kicks players off Diablo III servers, bringing up an Error 3006 message.


The bug is triggered when players interact with the Templar follower early in the game, equipping the Templar with a shield.

Players on Blizzard's Diablo III forums are reporting the bug; likewise, players on website Eurogamer apparently are, too. The error seems to be specific to the Demon Hunter class.

Blizzard, the game's developer, has yet to release a fix. Online, players are recommending that you do not equip the Templar with said shield prior to accepting him as a follower.

"Don't trade your equipped shield with the Templar," wrote Diablo III player Laurelin. "The game boots you out, and you can't log back until Blizzard notices and fixes this issue."

Stay tuned.



Seriously Diablo 2 on my collectors edition memory stick is looking like a better option.

Fairly disappointed, does anyone know the ratio of failures?

If someone could get a screenshot of THE Templar that is causing this bug that'd be great.

I will avoid that guy like the plague.

First boss a test of strength type email and password 800 times to login.

second boss Stealth find the Templar hidden within the game that will kill you and avoid him.