Game Boy Version of Bionic Commando Coming to Nintendo eShop on Dec. 29

Illustration for article titled Game Boy Version of emBionic Commando/em Coming to Nintendo eShop on Dec. 29

With classics like the original Tetris, Metroid II and Blaster Master released in recent weeks, Nintendo's eShop has been a retro cornucopia for 3DS owners. Capcom's announced that they're adding another old-school title to the download store with the impending debut of 1992's Game Boy version of Bionic Commando. You'll be able to grab the monochromatic adventures of Nathan "Rad" Spencer next week.


Bionic Commando Coming to 3DS eShop [Capcom Unity]

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Wait, isn't this the version where you can switch between a male and female commando, and ultimately get stuck about halfway through the game due to glitches?