Galaga Wars Is A Fine Way To Update An Arcade Classic

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Released this week for iOS and Android, Galaga Wars turns the classic arcade shooter into a fast-paced, phone-friendly survival shooter. It’s good stuff.


You’re still a spaceship fighting bug-looking aliens. You can still free captive ships from the enemy, doubling your firepower. Some of the enemy waves even resemble the classic arcade playfield setup.

What’s new? Dazzling power-ups, varying waves of enemies, upgradeable ships and battles against massive bosses. Players have one life to give their galaxy, controlling their ship with the tip of their finger. Here’s some gameplay, courtesy of Youtube’s Napaan Soft.

It really is great fun. There are in-app purchases new ships) and plenty of opportunities to watch ads to continue or earn in-game gifts, but the core game is worth it.

Galaga Wars is available from Bandai Namco as a free download on iOS and Android.

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I want a new standard freemium model where I can choose between the current free-to-play setup or buying the whole game up front. And if I do the latter, ads go away and in-app purchases become gameplay bonuses. You know, like in the old days.