Gal Gun's Panic Button Saves You From Looking Like A Perv

Developer Alchemist's creepy schoolgirl shoot 'em up Gal Gun is not the type of thing you'd be proud to play. Thankfully, the developer of the Xbox 360 game knows this, letting players keep their fetishistic arcade action a secret.


Gal Gun, which puts players in the role of a high school student who must fend of his admirers by firing a "pheromone shot" at them, eliciting erotic squeals of pain/delight, jiggling and upskirt shots, has a dedicated panic button. Should someone with delicate sensibilities walk into the room while you're enjoying a game of Gal Gun, you can quickly switch to this.

That's right. Fool casual observers into think you're playing an 8-bit RPG on your Xbox 360, not some erotic fantasy shooter.

Andriasang writes that the panic screen is referred to as the "Mama Kita Gamen," which means something like "Mom's Here Screen." That's not an uncommon feature in games on work PCs and shameful erotic games.


Gal Gun Has a Panic Screen [Andriasang]

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