Gal*Gun DLC Lets You See Through Clothes For Just $90

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Gal*Gun: Double Peace is basically House Of The Dead, except anime boobs. It is in all ways shameless, a policy that extends to its DLC.

The new DLC, called Pheromone Z, lets the game’s sight zoom “see through clothes instantly.” It costs a whopping $90, because we apparently live in a world where all the free porn you could ever want—enough to keep your poor loins spent and begging for reprieve for multiple lifetimes—isn’t a mere Google search away. Who knew!


Gal*Gun: Double Peace also has DLC that makes women’s chests bigger. You might remember it as the game that has a panic button for when mom walks in.

Currently, the Pheromone Z DLC has a single visible Steam review. Here is a screenshot of it:


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