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Gaikai Tech Isn't PlayStation Only. Sony Wants to Expand It.

Illustration for article titled Gaikai Tech Isnt PlayStation Only. Sony Wants to Expand It.

Sony recently bought Gaikai, an online cloud gaming service. The purchase might do more than offer a window into the PlayStation 4. It's also a sign of things to come for Sony's non-gaming products.


Sony Computer Entertainment honcho Andrew House told The Wall Street Journal (via Eurogamer) that using Gaikai tech in Sony products other than its game machines is "absolutely within the frame".


"It's recognition on Sony's part that the cloud and cloud streaming technologies are going to have profound and possibly a very positive impact on not only our game business, but also in the way our consumers interact with and obtain content in general," said House.

So, Sony televisions, computers, tablets, and cell phones all sound like potential homes for Gaikai. First up, Sony plans to use the streaming service with the PlayStation, but House did not give specifics as to when that will commence.

Sony Shifts Toward Streaming Games [WSJ via Eurogamer]

(Top photo: Pavelk | Shutterstock)

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I'm wondering how far they're thinking ahead on this, but probably pretty far. I mean, if they have a generic streaming technology front-end setup in pretty much every device they have, that's a great opportunity to create a media stream exclusive to Sony users, which goes beyond just games.

They could potentially stream anything from coverage of events to whatever they would want to get in on, and any Sony device would be a valid client. Make that stream content interesting enough and you have another reason why people would buy Sony instead of something else.