Gabe Newell was Victoria's Secret's No. 2 Body

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For a little while yesterday, Valve's managing director was No. 2 in Victoria's Secret's "Body" contest. While his staggering 28,160 votes have not been wiped out, he has been removed from the list of contenders.

There is substantial evidence that 4chan had plenty to do with this, as 4chan founder moot was No. 1 for some time, too. So I heavily doubt that Gabe himself chose to enter this contest. Other dudes, including Jared from Subway, had a strong run before getting removed.

"I love my body. I don't let anyone get me down about it," is the quote beside Gabe's picture. "If someone says a hurtful comment, I just push it back."


Yeah. Slick way to put that, whomever entered Gabe.

Naturally, Victoria's Secret said, "ick, nerds!" and smashed down the draft-Gabe shenanigans. Too bad, I would have loved seeing him prance down the runway at the annual CBS fashion show. Maybe they could give him a prop crowbar to wave around.

Body By Victoria Contest: Gabe [Victoria's Secret]

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I see the cancer is as rampant as ever.