Gabe Newell Has A Theory About Doctor Who. It's Fascinating. And Confusing.

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Careful, spoilers!

Nerdist's recently released two-part podcast deals, for the most part, with Gabe Newell and his company Valve. As a Doctor Who fan, I found one bit particularly interesting. At the beginning of part two, Gabe shares that he's also a Doctor Who fan, and that he's got a theory about the Doctor's newly introduced sort-of companion, Oswin (part two of the podcast, 05:22 in):

I have a theory about Oswin. So... how do they bring Oswin back? So she keeps saying "Remember me, remember me"... and he's taken his watch off, so the nanophages are working on him. So that's what she's doing... she's actually inserting herself into the nanophages, so she can be brought back later.


While that sounds fascinating, I'm actually not sure what's going on here. Is Gabe talking about Asylum of the Daleks, or The Snowmen? What are the "nanophages" he's referring to? Who's taken his watch off and why? It doesn't help that it's been a long while since I've seen Asylum, either—nor that the other people in the podcast seemed to instantly get what he was saying.

So Kotaku, what do you think? Can you decipher Gabe's theory? Make sure to share any Doctor Who theories you might have below—and don't forget to listen to the podcasts themselves! There's some rather juicy bits about both Gabe and Valve Software in there.


Gabe Newell Part 1: Valve - The Games [Nerdist]

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Okay, so I've never watched Dr. Who (any of them) in my life. Should I start from the beginning of this current season, or do the past Dr. Who shows need to be watched? Also, is this show even worth checking out? I am an avid Science Fiction fan, but if someone could give me an idea I'd appreciate it.