Gabe Newell, EA And...Kotaku Are Now Magic Card Characters

There's a custom Magic Card collection called The Indie Custom Cube. It features cards representing some of the world's most famous developers, companies, games and other assorted characters, including Gabe Newell, Notch, Electronic Arts, Phil Fish and Charles Barkley.


It is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.

Seems it was playtested during GDC earlier this year, but has just been made available for everyone to try out. In other words, it's not just funny, it actually works.

Some of these, you might not get, as you may not be a struggling independent games developer. Others speak the universal language of lulz.

You can check 'em out (and print them out) at the link below.

Indie Custom Cube [Site, via IndieGames]

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