FutureSports and Video Games Collide in Justice's Mind-Blowing New Music Video

Holy crap. French electronica duo Justice has never been shy about making wicked-cool music videos. That said, this new one for their song 'New Lands' is on a whole other level. This video is the business, plain and simple.

"New Lands" comes from Justice's 2001 album Audio, Video, Disco., and the video is a collaboration with the collective Canada.


Amid a dizzy blast of stunt-work, CG effects and insane post-production, the video depicts future sports as something of a super-violent, tech-addled casserole of roller derby, football, baseball, roller-hockey and motocross, with team owners running their teams via video game joysticks while the crowd goes wild. It's not a mess, though—the rules are clearly conveyed, and there's even a story going on, with the Snake Plissken-lookin' dude leading an underdog team against an evil group of black-clad robotically enhanced warriors. I... I don't even know where to begin. Just watch it.

If this is the direction sports are going, well… I don't know if I'd want to play, but I'd sure want to watch. And dance.

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Really awful. Do the kids today really like cheesy 80s movie hero soundtracks?