Fund Sprocket Junkies To Play a Modern Day Jet Moto

Have you ever played Jet Moto? Well if you missed it back in 1996, the Sprocket Junkies might be your game. A jet bike racing game with customizable characters and vehicles this game if made will be a welcome addition to the iPhone.

Goal: $18,000
Notable Reward: $250 - Cast of the engine mode mailed to you.
Chances: Rough, the time is ticking on this project and it still has a long way to go.
Finishes: October 9th, 1:07PM EDT


Sprocket Junkies [Kickstarter]

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As cool as this concept looks, if there's one thing I hate in a racing game it's not getting the feeling that I really am hauling ass at the speed of light. Plenty of games get it right but a few, like Mario Kart (unless you hit a boost) get it wrong. It seriously looks like these high powered rocket-mobiles are going the speed limit in a residential zone.