Fund Runes of Ashmore, and Help Design Part of a Advance Wars/Zelda Hybrid

Most game developments projects soliciting funding on Kickstarter make contributors into producers, fronting money to help creators achieve their vision. The guys at Adanac Entertainment are configuring the fund-raising efforts for their in-development RPG Runes of Ashmore a little differently.

Runes of Ashmore will feature turn-based, tactical combat and the player's actions will affect the entire gameworld. When the game goes live next year—release is planned for PC and Xbox Live Arcade—users will be able to submit maps, characters and even whole towns. But contributors to the Kickstarter campaign will get to craft characters that all players will see.


Goal: $8,000
Notable Reward: $50 or more- You'll get to work with Adanac developers on a major NPC's design.
Chances: Fairly good. The amount they need to cross the finish line isn't a lot and Runes of Ashmore should appeal to fans of retro-styled gaming and classic RPG design.
Finishes: January 11th

Runes of Ashmore [Kickstarter]


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