Fund Last Class HeroesBecause You Think the World Needs Another JRPG

Last Class Heroes is a 2D action role-playing game that at first might look a bit generic, but the more you dig into it's art and combat system the more you're going to want to play it.

Goal: $5,000
Notable Reward: $125 - You get to have your likeness and own dialogue in the game.
Chances: High, there is a big market for JRPG style games, and with a low goal it's probably gonna happen.
Finishes: November 10th

Last Class Heroes [Kickstarter]

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There's a big market for JRPGs? Really?

I mean, by god, I hope you're right, but if you are that market is NOT in the US. I mean as a rule of thumb if the game isn't a dark, gritty, brown and grey shooter no one will even fund the game's development, let alone buy the game if it's even released.

Hell, I'll pitch in if only to see the western world pillaged my more JRPG style games and because I know how much it pisses of the haters and detractors of the genre to see people enjoying them over, say, Call of Duty or Mass Effect.