Fund ForgeQuest, For Fans Of Zelda / Minecraft Mashups

At first glance, ForgeQuest looks like yet another game cashing in on the Minecraft craze. However ForgeQuest stands out among the crowd of clones by focusing on adventuring, using environmental manipulation as an intriguing way to solve puzzles and navigate dungeons. I think that ForgeQuest will be able to carve out its own niche in the indie gaming world.

Goal: $7,500
Notable Reward: $50 - You get a unique chicken egg to raise as a pet!
Chances: Decent, It has a modest goal and looks pretty polished. It's a game I can see people getting behind.
Finishes: January 13th

ForgeQuest [Kickstarter]

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How about instead of buying this crap, you get 3Dot Game Heroes. Or even Terraria. The "sandbox building" genre doesn't need this type of staleness or unoriginality.

As for a goal, try Terraria. Best 10$ you will ever spent and it's on sale now. And will be during the Xmas break.