Fund Astronaut: Mars, Moon and Beyond to Help NASA Make an MMO

Here's a chance to not only help pay for a game, but to team up with NASA to do so. Astronaut: Moon, Mars and Beyond is the official NASA MMO game. Set in 2035, that game will have you exploring the universe, building bases and playing space sports!

Goal: $25,000
Notable Reward: $2000 - A duster jacket based on dress from the game, and an NPC made in your very likeness.
Chances: Already Completed! Unlike most Kickstarters, the clothing for Astronaut is kind of cool, so it may still be worth getting while available.
Finishes: October 11th

Astronaut: Mars, Moon and Beyond [Kickstarter]

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So if they start tomorrow, and it takes them approximately 3-4 years to make, say it comes out late 2015.

That's only 20 years earlier than the setting of this game where you're "exploring the universe, building bases, and playing space sports"? NASA really that out of touch? Here's hoping they know something about technology in the next couple decades that we don't.