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Funcom's April Fools' Day Conan Game Is Real Now

E3 2019E3 2019It's time for the biggest gaming show of the year. We've got articles, videos, podcasts and maybe even a GIF or two.

On April 1 of this year, Funcom released a trailer for Conan Chop Chop, a crudely-animated roguelike that I said was “definitely not real but probably should be.” Now it’s coming to PC and consoles on September 3.


Australian developer Mighty Kingdom is turning Conan Chop Chop into a real stick figure game. Up to four players (with couch co-op supported) can team up to explore the world of Koth as Conan, Pallantides, Valeria or Bêlit. It’s got combos, tons of loot, bosses and infinite replayability with randomly generated maps.

Looks like the game I said I wanted. Look for it on Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and PC this September.

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4 Player couch coop on PC.
Dammit, now I have to buy it.